Friday, 16 January 2015

Four Easy Hairstyles

Hey Guys!

Drum roll please... ITS FRIDAY!
So I was trying to think of a blog post to share with you all that was going to be beneficial and, hopefully, help you all out a bit. And as I was thinking, I was running late as per and I had no idea what to do with my hair! So I give you...

4 Easy Hairstyles 

from top left - Pancake Braid Half Up-Do
Halo Braid
Milkmaid Braid
The Bobble Twist

These hairstyles are my life savers. They're so easy to do and just look cute with anything, on any occasion. First off...

The Pancake Half Up-Do

Despite it's strange name, It's such a lovely hairstyle. It is so easy to do and keeps your hair out of your face if you have a long day ahead of you. I often use this for school or a day out just because it's so simple and isn't too taxing.

1.  Firstly, section off a small part of hair at the front of your head and plait this all the way to the bottom where you will then secure with an elastic band. (I usually use invisible elastics)

2.  Second, take your braid and place it around the back of your head to that it is almost above your ear on the opposite side of your head. Secure this with kirby grips. (bobby pins)

3.  Do the exact same thing with a section on the other side of your hair and secure the plaits together.

4.  And tah dah! You have your Pancake Half Up-Do!

Halo Braid

This is one of my favs. It's just so cute, don't you think?! So this hairstyle also keeps your hair out of your face, and goes with absolutely anything. It's nice for special occasions too and is so simple. I was always afraid to try this hairstyle because it looked so darn difficult, but I promise, it's sooo easy!

1.  First of all, brush all of your hair back as if you're about to put on a hairband. 

2.  Take a small section from underneath your hair, just on the back of your neck. Do this on both sides, making sure the sections aren't too big or too small. 

3.  Then you're going to plait these sections all the way to the bottom, as far as you can go before it becomes impossible to continue! Secure with elastic bands. (preferably invisible)

4.  Take one of your plaits and pull it over the top of your head where all your hair should be brushed back. Secure with kirby grips. (bobby pins) Do the same with the other plait.

5.  And there you have it! Your Halo Braid.

Milkmaid Braid

So this hairstyle is one that is probably easiest to do on longer hair, but it works just as well on medium length to shortish hair also. I use this one probably the most out of all of them because, personally, it's gorgeous. 

1.  First of all, split your hair into two section down the middle and try to make sure the sections are pretty even. 

2.  You're going to plait these sections in regular, run of the mill pig tails right to the bottom before securing with an elastic band. (again, invisible elastics will tend to look better)

3.  Take one of your pig tails and twist it forwards before taking it over your head. Secure it with kirby grips (bobby pins) and also stick down any of those little loose hairs or bumps you have going on.

4.  Do the exact same with the other side and secure the plaits together on the top of your head. 

5.  If you want, you can stretch out your plaits a little to make it look more messy by gently pulling stretching both sides of the plaits and don't forget to spray, spray, spray!

6.  And you now have your Milkmaid Braid!

The Bobble Twist

Okay, I definitely saved the best until last! This is my ultimate favourite, like ever! This hairstyle looks super cute and super sheik. Little fact: It was worn by Maria Menounos at the Critics Choice Awards! She wore it differently, but still, I got waay too excited about this fact.

1.  Take all of your hair to one side of your head and sweep it over your shoulder.

2.  Place an elastic band in your hair as if you were wearing a side ponytail.

3.  Just above the elastic band that is now in place, split the hair so there is a small hole above the band.

4.  You are now going to twist your hair so that the rest of your hair has gone through the hole and arrange it so the hole is now invisible. 

5.  Then, put elastic bands down the length of your hair with enough room to twist the hair, just as you have already done.

6.  If you want to, you can stretch the hair and style it to however you please so that it looks cool and unique, or to whatever your preference. Personally, I like it messy so i'll stretch the hair a lot and pull little pieces out.

7.  And there you have it! Your super cool, red carpet worthy Bobble Twist! Don't forget to spray with hairspray!

So there are my four life savers! Not as difficult as they first looked, huh? Hopefully you found this beneficial and can continue look cute in no time at all!

Mwah xx
P.S Thanks again to my sister for modelling!