Saturday, 24 January 2015

Golden Globes Inspired Makeup

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So recently there has been a huge Golden Globes hype going on and I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon. I've got to admit, it was seriously difficult to pick just one style that I loved because there were just sooo many! Serious congratulations to all the beauty that was parading the red carpet this year, I mean wow. That's all I can say.. 
Anyways! Because there was such a tough choice of beautiful people and styles with beautiful makeup and hair and ah! I decided not only to pick one, but to pick two. Yes, I know, I went for it. 
So without further adieu..

Golden Globes Inspired Makeup

For this, I was inspired by the makeup worn by Allison Williams (top left) and Emma Stone (bottom left). I loved both of their makeup equally and couldn't pick a favourite so I decided, why pick one when you can do both? Although they are absolutely stunning and look extremely complex, I was surprised to find that it was actually quite simple to do and I didn't need state-of-the-art makeup equipment in order to do them. The makeup and brushes I used to do this are the same things I've banged on about in all my other posts and you can read more about them in my Winter Eyes makeup tutorial. 
What I Used.
New York Color Big Bold Mascara / In The Buff Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette / James Alexander Magic Minerals / Urban Decay Foundation / Real Techniques Buffing Brush / Foundation Brush / Slanted Contouring Brush / Blusher Brush

Allison Williams: Smokey Brown Eyes
 Allison Williams has extremely defined eyes, so in order to recreate the eyeshadow and smokey eyed effect, it was key to define the eyebrows. Although, my sister has similarly defined eyes so this task was much easier but for myself, this would be a key difficulty as my eyebrows are much higher and much less defined. But don't let that stop you giving it a bash because no matter the shape or placement of your eyebrows, smokey eyes look beaut on anyone. They just add this sexy, sultry allure to your eyes and look stunning regardless.

I started with the base, obviously, however I left the eyes and touched up the foundation around the eyes after I was finished with the eyeshadow. I just find it so much easier to touch up any minor mistakes instead of accidentally wiping off foundation and blush and then retouching and having to do the foundation again and ah! It is just so much easier to do the foundation around the eyes after.

For the actual eyeshadow, it was basically very subtle brown colours for underneath the eye and toward the eyebrow, blending in the darker browns or slight blacks into the eyelid.

Instead of working the blacks into the corner of the eyes, I went for an easier (personally) approach and just used black eyeshadow as eyeliner and blended that into the lid instead. But again, there is no rules for this (if there is, please tell me) so whatever works for you is exactly how you should do it.

And for the lips, I just used a pinky lip gloss.

Emma Stone: Purply-Black Shadowed Eyes

Clearly, Emma Stone is extremely pale and beautiful with it but I think that this makeup can go with absolutely any skin tone. Again, with the eyebrows, Emma's are substantially further up than my sisters which does affect the eyeshadow partly because it was difficult to get the same curve and circular style that Emma has going on with regards to the eyeshadow, however it is easy to tweak and change to suit your eye shape and preference. 

For the actual colour of the eyeshadow, I used a dark purple, almost navy eye shadow from my Colour Couture Eyeshadow Palette which blended in really nicely with the darker grey I added to the outside corner of the eye. Using a blender brush, I gently curved the eyeshadow without smudging it to much so it kept the colour through out and had quite a prominent finish. 

I didn't really use a blush for the cheeks, I used Cheek Glow Powder Blush which just gives a slight glow to the cheeks instead of a colour as Emma's cheeks are more of a natural glow rather than blusher powder, but again it is whatever your preference. 

For the lips I used Models Prefer Ooh La La lipstick with a light shimmering lipgloss on top just to give the lips more of a sheen. 

So that was my attempt at recreating the stunning makeup worn at the Golden Globes...
(Apologies for the uncreative, pretty crappy titles, but it is seriously difficult to name makeup, I mean like seriously difficult)

Anyways, I hope you liked this blog post! Try and give me some ideas of what sort of tutorials you would like to see, or if you want more like this, and if you don't, let me know that as well! 

P.S. Thanks again to my sister for modelling!

Much love xx