Sunday, 18 January 2015

Party Makeup ft. Moi

Hey Guys!

So I was at a Birthday Party last night and I suddenly became inspired to do a second blog post in one week. Crazy right? I was thinking, wouldn't it be fun to do a 'Party Makeup' post? And so here I am, doing a 'Party Makeup' post!

Party Makeup ft. Moi

Natural makeup with colourful lips 
(and apparently extremely flat hair!)


In The Buff, Natural Nudes Eyeshadow Palette: Sand

For the eyeshadow, I used very subtle colours, starting with the lightest shade (sand) on the whole of my eyelid and into the corner of my eye. I used a medium shade (earth) in the crease of my eye and towards my eyebrow. I then used the darkest shade (wave) in the outside corner of my eye. Using a smaller eyeshadow brush, I applied the darker shade underneath my eye very lightly, blending the darker colour into the crease with 'The Body Collection Eyeshadow Blender Brush'

I bought this brush in The Body Shop for an absolute bargain and it has lasted me forever. 
(Shh, I'm not recommending it... ok maybe I am)


NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara

For my eyelashes, I used the 'New York Color' mascara which I have to admit, I wasn't a big fan of when I first bought it but it has stolen my heart now. I was nervous to use it because my worst pet hate is those dreaded spider lashes, you know the ones I'm talking about, that stick together and just don't look good at all, unless you're into that. No judgements! But back to this, it doesn't do that thankfully despite my first thoughts. It actually looks great. But make sure you brush through your lashes with an eyelash brush just to make sure. 


Pacific UK Rouge

I firstly lined my lips with lip liner. I just think it is so much easier to create a precise lipstick covering if their is already a line around the outside. Also, as I did, you can use it as a ind of blend into a lighter shade or even a different coloured lipstick. 

Rimmel London Rouge - Starry Eyed

For my actually lipstick, I used 'Rimmel London's Rouge' and blended it with my lip liner. I amn't a big lipstick wearer myself but I think that this can look really good with subtle makeup. Someone told me once that you can either emphasise your eyes, or your lips but not both. 


As per, I used my trusty 'Urban Decay Foundation' and primer before I began attempting slight contouring. For this, I used the 'Models Prefer Moulin Rouge Cheek Colour' with my 'Models Prefer Bronzer' and 'Urban Decay Highlighter'. 

Models Prefer Moulin Rouge Cheek Colour

In order to apply this, I used my 'Glow Professional Makeup Brushes' slanted edged contouring brush which is the perfect size for my face and is great for applying bronzer into the dents of my cheek bones. 

Slanted Contour Brush 

So this was my extra blog post for this week. I hope you'll don't get too bored of me! Hopefully this was a nice little post to go with the '4 Easy Hairsyles' and you'll can look even more fab for parties and things! 

Much love xx