Friday, 30 January 2015

Wear It. Beat It.

Hey Guys!

So this post it a little different, but please bear with me as this is equally as important as your beautiful styling tips! Thanks 

So on the 6th of February The British Heart Foundation are turning the nation red in support of those suffering with heart conditions or heart problems. You can show your support in anyway you wish whether that be you go all out with some colourful red lippy or, like me, pick your favourite red dress. It doesn't even have to be that out there, just any sign of support you would like to show.

This is just an event where we can think of those that aren't as lucky as us, whom have maybe lost a loved one, or are going through difficult times. If you wish to, you can give a donation or sign up for the Wear It Beat It. (the link is in the title) 

So please, whether it be big or small, show your support. 

Thank you!

Much love xx