Saturday, 10 January 2015

Winter Eyes ft. My Sister

Hey Guys!

I know I said "posts every Friday" and it is in fact now Saturday, but I did have an excuse planned out which I can't remember, so I'll just apologise and pretend it will never happen again!
So swiftly moving on... 

Winter Eyes ft. My Sister

Blue smokey eyed effect with slight contouring.


I used the 'Colour Couture' eyeshadow palette to create a smokey eyed effect with three different shades of blue, using the lightest shade in the corner of the eyes and the darkest shade on the outside and in the crease using a blender brush to blend the blues and smudge it up.


For the eyeliner, I prefer a subtle line and a more smokey effect rather than perfectly straight, mainly because I can't do them perfectly straight. For this, I use a 'thin angled eyeliner brush'. For the black, I just use black eyeshadow, works just as well and personally, is so much easier.


I used 'Urban Decay' foundation as a base before I began the contouring.

I used the 'Real Techniques Contour Brush', lining down the sides of the nose and emphasising the cheek bones. I don't own a contour kit, but I do own the 'Urban Decay Shattered Face Case' which consists of Highlighter and Peach Blush

For the actual contouring, I used 'Models Prefer Loose Bronzing Powder', which is great and has lasted me for years, so I definitely recommend it. It just gives you a slight glow and is easy to blend so matches almost any skin tone, and as I've said, I'm reeeaally pale and it doesn't make me look like a tangerine, so yea, big thumbs up.


I used the 'Nude Pink by Rimmel London' which is a forever friend as its just so easy to wear with anything and everything and with regards to this, it really makes the blue eyeshadow stand out. Pink and blue together will never get old, in my opinion anyway. 


So my sister has amazingSo my sister has amazing lashes anyway, but just to touch them up I used 'Avon Super Shock Mascara'. It's perfect for little touch ups as it isn't very liquidy (couldn't think of another word, lol) and just darkens the eyelashes.  lashes anyway, but just to touch them up I used 'Avon Super Shock Mascara'. It's perfect for little touch eyelashes. 

So yea, that's my Winter Eyes whilst I still have the chance.

I'm going to try and do a proper tutorial post at some point, but hopefully you all get the gist. It was super fun doing this and a big thanks to my sister for modelling it for me! 

Much love xx