Friday, 27 February 2015

Brit Awards Inspired Makeup

Hey Guys!

Happy Friday to you all! So these past few weeks have been pretty awesome, with London Fashion Week, NY Fashion Week, the Grammy's and of course the Brit Awards. All have played a massive part in contributing something extra to the fashion and beauty industry and today I want to share a makeup look that I found pretty fun to recreate from the Brit Awards. 
If you watched the Brit Awards and didn't just watch Madonna falling down the stairs on repeat (guilty as charged) then you will have noticed some of the amazing faces that graced the stage, one of which being the beautiful Rita Ora. She wore stunning dark smoky eyeshadow, making it the stand out feature of her makeup with a simple nude lip. So I recreated this piece for today's blog post...

Brit Awards Inspired Makeup

For this makeup look, I made the eyes the standout feature, just like Rita's, and kept everything else to the very basics, using my Urban Decay Foundation because, what else would I use? The whole makeup recreation was pretty simple despite the first thoughts of it being very time consuming.


For the actual face, I used Rimmel London's Wake Me Up Foundation which admittedly I don't use on myself because I can't seem to find a shade light enough for my skin, but it works fantastically on my sister and has extremely good coverage. I mixed this with my Urban Decay Foundation using my fantastic Real Technique's Buffer Brush which works really well when attempting to get the foundation coverage equal all over the face.

For the cheeks, I used my Model's Prefer Moulin Rouge Bronzer/Blush Set containing a beautiful bronzing powder which was lightly applied down the cheek bones and over the rims of the face to give the skin a sun-kissed look. I used the light pink blush over the tops of the cheeks to give it that extra sheen. But as seen in Rita Ora's picture, her skin is very flawless and uses very little blush in order to keep the emphasis on the eyes.

In The Buff - Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette | Earth \ Silk \ Thunder
This was probably my favourite eyeshadow to recreate as it was so smoky and if you've read previous posts, you'll know I have a slight obsession with smoky eyeshadow! For the overall base of the eyeshadow, I used the colour Silk from the In The Buff Palette to mimic the slight greyish base Rita wore. All the colours are embedded with a slight glimmer of glitter which creates a beautiful sparkle. I then added the Earth tone to the outside corners and crease of the eye to create a darkening effect which blended in nicely with the lighter tone, using my Blending Brush. For the darker shade on the outside corner of the eye, I used the tone Thunder which, when blended, created a really lovely gradient when paired with the lighter tones. If you're an avid reader, you'll know about my Rule of Three which I use religiously (you can read about it in more detail in my 'No Makeup' Makeup post). 

One: Blender Brush // Two: Defining Brush // Three: Eyeshadow Sponge // Four: Crease Brush // Five: Eyelash Brush // Six: Eyeliner Brush
 These are my six main brushes which help me out with any major eye makeup routine. My Blender Brush is for blending the eyeshadows, ground breaking right? But this seriously helps when creating a smoky eye though it isn't necessary. Also, my Defining Brush is fantastic for the lower lid, bringing the smokey effect around the whole of the eye. For the eyeliner, I prefer to use powder eyeliner. I don't seem to have the skill or the patience for liquid liner, however for the smoky eyeshadow, powder eyeliner seems to be the winner regardless of my liquid liner loathing. It just seems to give it more of a messy effect and blends better into the corners of the eye. Though I often still use my Eyelash Brush to remove unwanted clumps from the lashes, I've found an amazing mascara which gives you flawless lashes and no need to use a lash brush. Illegal Definition by Maybelline New York is a heaven send in my books anyway because it gives you stunning full lashes and no clumps. It's thin bristles and lack of liquid help prevent my fear, spider lashes! Definite recommendation if you hadn't already gathered!


Do you remember being new to the whole makeup malarky and applying foundation and only foundation? The days where you used foundation as eyeshadow, blusher, bronzer and even lipstick? Well to create the nude effect, I returned to those horrible, cringe worthy days when the art of makeup was unknown to us. I lined the lips with a nude lip liner and my favourite Rimmel London Nude Pink lipstick on top of the foundation covered, lip balm soaked lips. I definitely do not recommend stepping back into those days often however I lacked the nude shade Rita wore and saw no other option than to step my toes back into those shameful days. 

What I used (links in captions)

Models Prefer Moulin Rouge Check Colour

Unfortunately this item came in a limited edition set by Models Prefer and I'm unsure if it is still selling. However I have linked most of the products if you fancy a buy.

This is the lipstick I used in order to create the nude, pinkish shimmer to the lips and I highly recommend it as an everyday lipstick. I use this a lot of the time and it has also featured in a lot of my blog posts.

Maybelline New York

This mascara is my new best friend. You have no idea how long I have been searching for mascara that gives you stunning, thick lashes without the gloop and clumps of the usual mascaras and then suddenly I was given this mascara as a late Christmas gift and I've never searched again. I highly recommend this. 

It seems most of you enjoy my makeup posts the most so I've made a note to create more makeup based blog posts. Please do comment on what posts you'd like to see more of!

Much love xx