Friday, 20 February 2015

"Do It Yourself" Fashion: Ripped Jeans

Hey Guys!

Happy Friday to you all! So guys, it hasn't even been two months yet and I'm head over heels with this blogging malarky! I wouldn't be enjoying this as much is it wasn't for you all reading, all 2K of you! Yes, I've reached over 2K views! How the heck did that happen?! I can't thank you all enough.
Anyways, for this post, I thought I'd do something a little different. I have so many people asking me, 'where did you buy your jeans?!' then fail to believe me when I tell them I ripped them myself. So today, I am going to show you how to create very cheap and very simple, custom made ripped jeans. I give you...
DIY Fashion: Ripped Jeans

I was happily surprised by the results that came from such simple materials and little effort, and pretty darn chuffed that so many people thought they were store bought! It's a nice feeling knowing that you didn't have to splash out on a lovely looking pair of ripped jeans and even better knowing that you are able to keep your favourite pairs of older worn out jeans and revamp them! I know that's my favourite part of doing this fantastic DIY trick.


Old Jeans, Old Coaster, Scissors, Fork
Believe it or not, you are bound to already own all the materials you need in order to do this sneaky little money saving trick. All you need is an old coaster, scissors, fork and of course a pair of old jeans. Be sure you are positive that you no longer want these jeans but obviously, make sure they still fit well. And I'd also recommend using an older coaster because there is nothing worse than slight scratch marks on your best dinner date coasters. 
  1. Decide where it is you're wanting the rips to be on your jeans. Look at some pictures for inspiration, be sure you're happy with your placements because once it's done, it's done. 
  2. Firstly place your old coaster under where it is you want to rip, making sure the coaster is in-between the fabric so to not rip the back of the jeans. 
  3. When your coaster is in place, take hold of you scissors and cut a tiny little hole into your jeans.
  4. Once you have made the tiny incision, take your fork and place the sharper ends of the fork both inside and outside of the small hole before dragging it in the direction of your custom made rip. (If it is easier to use scissors to make the whole rip, please do so.)
  5. After the slit has been made, take your fork and drag it down, horizontally to the rip and create small frays of the fabric to make it more messy and grungy. (If you prefer neater slits, then skip this step.)
  6. Make as many rips as you want, on either leg and repeat this process with each rip.

My Finished Product

The jeans I decided to use where stone age jeans from Primark which as you may be able to see slightly, are also substantially marked and also a little small in length. However, I decided to rip them anyway to create quite a grungy style and rolled up the legs of my jeans, creating grunge style ankle grazers. I have so many pairs of older jeans that I've been too attached to and didn't have the heart to give up, so this, for me, is an absolute heaven send and allows you to keep those old timeworn jeans and breathe new life into them!

I hope this works for you and allows you to save yourself some money! As I said, this DIY tip I found a few years ago has certainly saved me having to splash out on many pairs of ripped jeans and also allowed me to keep some of my old dust covered jeans. It's perfect really!
Thank you for reading and as always, comment if there are specific posts you would like to see!

Much love xx