Tuesday, 3 February 2015

January Favourites

Hey Guys!

Happy February to you all! Time seems to be flying past now, I mean I can't believe that's January finished already! Soon I'll be typing out my February Favourites complaining about how it was just January. 
Anyways, I thought it was about time I done a January Favourites as I've been so inspired reading everyone else's and there is a few new products I've been using which I want to share with you all as they're pretty damn fantastic. I know I'm three days behind the end of January but better late than never! So here it goes!

January Favourites

 Ok, so I've basically been sticking to what I know when it comes to my makeup and haven't really branched out on anything new so far this month but I do have a few new items with the occasional beauty product to share with you all. I'm really struggling to find new makeup products that are better than the ones I already own. I'm definitely a scaredy cat when it comes to trying and testing new products, but I may make that a belated New Years Resolution as I'm certain there are so many more products I could get my hands on that I just haven't found yet. If you know any or have any recommendations please do share!

I'll leave links to all my new purchases at the bottom.

'Bad Hair Day' Beanie

If you follow my Instagram you're bound to have seen this already. It's my 'Bad Hair Day Beanie' which I am absolutely head over heals with! It is so comfortable and surprisingly warm. Usually with stylish hats they offer absolutely no purpose other than to make you look awesome (which is fine) but what with the British weather and all it's nice to have something that provides both. 
I bought this beanie from Amazon for practically nothing which I was surprised about considering the quality of the fabric and comfort it provides but I'm not going to argue! 
My beanie is in the colour Dark Red but my sister bought the same beanie in the colour grey and both look equally as good. 

Pure Blush Perfume 

So this perfume was actually given to me as a Christmas present and I was kind of disappointed as I'm not a huge perfume wearer. I seem to have such bad luck finding a perfume that is just right. My perfumes are either non existent or have the ability to gas out the whole or Russia. Neither of which I've been a big fan of, but after giving this perfume a chance, it is actually very good and fortunately has yet to gas anyone out.
It was bought in New Look as a set with a body shimmer spray which if applied incorrectly (like I done) has the ability to make you look like Edward Cullen in a dress. If you don't get that reference, basically it makes you extremely sparkly and a tad like a giant glitter ball. Although, this only happened because I didn't quite realise how much came out of the bottle at a time. The answer is quite a lot. 
However, the perfume is by far my favourite and I do definitely recommend it. 

Pink Dragon Fruit - Yankee Candle

Ok so this isn't related to beauty in anyway shape or form but I had to include this! I have never smelt something so beautiful in all of my life and it comes from this tiny little jar of relaxation and bliss. Again, I've never really been a fan of candles and have yet to light this baby but the smell that is continuous released without the need to be burning is insane! And it looks so pretty sitting on my desk which is always a bonus. 
Yankee Candle obviously sell more than this scent of candle but this just happened to be the one I fell in love with at the time but I know for sure I'll be back there very soon. 

Urban Decay Brightening & Tightening Complexion Primer Potion

This product isn't as much a new buy as such but more a rediscovery. I got this the first time I purchased the Urban Decay Foundation which was a few years ago and I sort of forgot about it for a while until I recently rediscovered it. After using it again, I have no idea how I forgot about it in the first place. Not only does it go onto your skin so smoothly and easily, but it stays there and holds your makeup perfectly. It doesn't make your skin oily which is often the fear with most foundation primers and it even makes my skin feel 100% better when I remove my makeup that night. I feel my skin is staying smoother for longer and hasn't, thank goodness, broken out at all in the duration of using this product. So this is another definite recommendation. 

Vintage Style by Sarah Kennedy

The ultimate fashion and beauty guide to getting a range of retro looks, Vintage Style shows you how to 'steal the style' of 25 famous fashion icons, from Audrey Hepbrun and Brigitte Bardot to Twiggy and Debbie Harry.

Basically this book is the fashion bible of the retro era. I love this book purely because my role models and inspirations are mainly from that era such as Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy and Elizabeth Taylor. If these names mean nothing to you then all you have to know is that they changed the face of both fashion and beauty and are practically fashion Gods, in my eyes anyway. It shows you key designers that helped make them the style icons that they were and includes how-tos regarding hair and makeup. All the content within the book is extremely well laid out and explain. I get a lot of my looks from this book and they all look so awesome.

So this was my first Favourites blog post. Let me know what you think! Apologies for the lack of inspiration but I'm struggling finding new products! I definitely plan on buying heaps of new beauty products very soon but don't worry, you'll know when I do, I'm sure of it.

If you fancy buying any of my January Favourites, look no further!

Mwah xx