Saturday, 7 February 2015

"No Makeup" Makeup

Hey Guys!

Happy Friday to you all! It's been a pretty hectic week this week but I've managed to squeeze in a few extra blog posts for you all including my Boohoo Haul which you guys all seemed to like a lot! I'll definitely be doing more hauls for sure, but this week I've attempted to answer a question that a lot of people continuously ask me. How do you do your makeup so natural? Well, the answer is...

"No Makeup" Makeup

Natural eyeshadow with minimal lips

So please excuse my Anna and Elsa pillow in the background (I didn't buy it, I swear). 
I just adore this makeup. It isn't completely unnoticeable, but it isn't completely in your face. It seems to fit the occasion just perfectly and in my case, the occasion for this particular makeup is usually school or everyday routines. This makeup is my go-to makeup when I'm in a hurry or simply cannot be bothered with the callings of society. It takes minimal effort and minimal skill but looks red carpet worthy when you see the finished results. 


For the foundation, I used my ever trustworthy Urban Decay Foundation with slight contouring using the Models Prefer Loose Bronzing Powder which I also used in my Winter Eyes makeup tutorial. I contoured the cheeks and down the sides of the nose slightly, just to enhance the bone structure but nothing too noticeable. It still gives the look a very natural feel. I used a tinted pink highlighter for the cheeks which just gives them a nice rosy glow


I used the Urban Decay Naked Palette for all of the eyeshadow which gives you a fabulous choice of nudes and darker browns for your eyes. I don't have a picture of it because it's in a state from the scarcity of eyeshadow as I use this palette religiously. As I said, as my go-to makeup, this makeup is very rarely off of my face. 
I have a rule of three when it comes to applying eyeshadow. I always, always, always use three of the same colours in different shades. First the lightest shade applied to the whole of the eyelid and up towards the brow bone. Second is the slightly darker shade which I always apply to the crease of the eyelid to give off a sort of shadow effect and to the bottom lid along the rim of my eye. And lastly, the darkest shade which is applied into the outer corner of my eye and blended in. 

From the top: Blender Brush, Defining Brush, Eyeshadow Sponge, Crease Brush, Eyelash Brush, Eyeliner Brush.

Brush wise, I used six specific brushes which you can read about in more detail in my New Year, New Blog, New Makeup post. 

 Rimmil London - Nude Pink

For the lips, I lined them with a rouge lip liner. Always line your lips before applying lipstick. It just makes it so much easier when you go on to actually apply the lipstick as you have guidelines, if you will. I slightly blended it in with the Nude Pink lipstick which just gives the look such a natural glow as the lips aren't overly colourful or enhanced. Usually I won't even wear lipstick but it's nice just to have a little something on your lips for that perfect "No Makeup" Makeup look. 
If you aren't fussed for wearing lipstick, you can always use a tinted lip balm or if you're extremely lucky and have beautiful rosy lips naturally, then you can just apply normal lip balm to give them a lovely sheen you lucky bums. 

So this was my "No Makeup" Makeup. I hope that answers a lot of your questions and hopefully helps you to still look beaut on those cba days, because I so feel you and this definitely helps me. 

Much love xx