Thursday, 19 February 2015

Spring Trend Predictions

Hey Guys!

It is scary to think it is almost Spring time! Blink and Winter is gone, but lets not worry. As much as I know we all secretly love hibernating in our less than trendy knitted jumpers and cozying up with our fluffy socks on, times are quickly moving on. It's almost time to say goodbye to our cuddly friends and say hello to the season of Spring in style. Don't get me wrong, I love my knitted jumpers as much as the next person but the thought of warmer weather, fresh flowers and brand new outfits over powers my sad addiction to wooly jumper dresses. Numerous magazines and my fav fashion bloggers have been clueing me up on the trends to prepare for this Spring and I'm excited to share them all with you! So without further ado...

Spring Trend Predictions

There are far too many trends arising for this Spring that I simply could not fit them all into one blog post! So, I've decided to organise this, despite my out of control excitement to share them all with you! I've picked my favourite trends and also ones I feel are pretty varied so that if you don't like one of the trends then hopefully there is another one to your taste! 

Materials / Colours


 This Spring, there has been a lot talk about introducing nudes back into our closets! I'm extremely excited as I have a lot of nude coloured clothing that needs a good day out. Not only is it so simple and practical, but it pretty much matches every skin tone, eye colour, hair colour, you name it. Personally, this colour for me is just perfect and more unique for Spring time. The last time nudes hit the big time during Spring was 2009, so it's about time we welcome it back into our wardrobes and appreciate the practicality of the nude colour and give it the appreciation it deserves.


Okay, so if you follow my Instagram you will already know how excited I have been to have pastels once again grace us with their presence! I have so many pastel coloured clothing just wasting away at the back of my wardrobe and it's about time I shook the dust off. Pastels, for me, are so fun and effortlessly worn on any occasion. It can be difficult to pull off pastels, but if you're one of the lucky ones then your time has come! Shoes, bags, tops, skirts, anything can look fantastic in pastels. I adore the cute, innocent aura they radiate whenever you wear them, no matter what age you are. They are just such a girly style and one I'm definitely happy to see making a return. 


So denim has been making its return for quite some time, and I'm pleased to say it is continuing it's journey into fame! For those tomboy, or girly, denim is perfect for absolutely anyone. And you don't even have to wear it as clothing! A denim bag will look just as stylish and I'm positive will suit any type of outfit and make a statement. Candice Swanepoel is rumoured to be releasing a denim collection. But you don't have to be Victoria Secret's best model to pull of a pair of ripped jeans!  


Duster Jacket

If you read my last blog post, GRWM party edition, you will have seen me raving about my brand new Duster Jacket from Primark. It's about time Duster Jackets made their debut into the Spring trend. As a jacket that has stood by business men and women for so many years and evolved into a jacket radiating class and style good enough to be worn whilst strolling down the red carpet, I feel it's earned its right to become one of my favourite Spring Style Predictions. If you don't already own a Duster Jacket, I suggest you invest as they are an all rounder jacket which I managed to buy for very cheap indeed considering the fantastic quality and massive hype they're creating.  

Metallic Handbags

So this trend was one I read about in the latest LOOK Magazine and one I honestly did not see coming. I've got to admit though, I am pleasantly surprised. Metallic handbags have been around for years, and I was pretty sure they'd done their time and departed in style, however I was oblivious to their massive comeback. Admittedly, I do not own a metallic handbag, though I'm seriously considering investing as they just look so classy and cute. I wouldn't say they were a casual bag, although I've envied a handful of people proudly donning one on their arm and looking fantastic with it!

Flared Trousers

We're taking it back to the 70's with this Spring trend. I've noticed more and more of this style of trousers slowly creeping their way back up to the top, and they've finally made it. My sister is more than pleased to drag out her old flares and wear them in time with the trend and so she should be. Yet another trend that has done it's time but deservedly has climbed it's way back up and I'll bet good money that so many people will be thrilled with the return of flares.



So this isn't as big of a surprise. Buns have been around for years, and rightly so. They are so practical and easy to do which just makes them a must have in any season, not just Spring. If you want to wear a neat bun or a messy bun, both look equally as gorgeous and are perfect for those days when Spring time gets a tad busy and your Spring cleaning gets underway.

Low Ponytails

 Another hairstyle that has been round the style cycle for so long I've lost count. The reliability of this hair style is probably the main reason it still has the trust and use of so many people across the world. It is the simplest hairstyle possible known to man and looks so good. Your ability to jazz up a ponytail is endless, but since it's for Spring, why not go for a flower crown? So unique, I know.

Boho Waves

So this is probably one of the main trends I am thrilled to have returning for Spring. I wear this hairstyle on a daily basis anyway, but it would be even more worth wearing knowing that it is in style. Sadly, my hair is not wearable if I leave it at it's natural wave, or rather explosion of blonde strands, but I use two cheats which have worked wonders for so long now I can't even remember. My first cheat is french plaiting my hair after a shower and either blowdrying it or leaving it to dry over night. The other is a Beach Wave Spray which is probably the ultimate cheat, but I adore it. It is used like dry shampoo and just creates natural looking waves that last all day. But I'd recommend giving it a good amount of hairspray just to make sure that the waves hold. Again, there is so many options for styling wavy hair, but I thought why not add a hat? I've got my favourite Bowler Hat from New Look which adds the chicness to this look and makes it seem just that tiny bit more stylish.

I hope this gave you more of an insight to the upcoming trends for Spring, and if you have any more you want to share, please, as always, feel free to comment!

Mwah xx