Monday, 23 March 2015

GRWM - Party Inspired Outfit.

Hey Guys!
I know, I know. It's Monday and I don't want to suddenly depress you all with the mention of the word party, but I'm going to do it anyway. With all good weekends comes a good party and I would like to share with you all a party inspired 'Get Ready With Me' outfit. 

I went for a more casual, easily maintainable look for a night out with minimal makeup up and quite a sensible outfit. My hair was done by plaiting it in french braids either side the night before. This gave it quite a natural wave which was nice to wear down without much needing done to it. I then quickly gave it a little spray of my TRESemme Extra Hold Hairspray. Another way of doing this is by loosely curling your hair with either a curling wand or, my option, straighteners. Call me crazy, but I find it a hundred times easier curling my hair with straighteners than I ever have with a curling wand. 


I paired an off the shoulder Loose Crop Top with an aztec print High Waisted Mini Skirt which made the outfit a bit more sensible. Although the top is off the shoulder, it is very secure due to it being elasticated so my fear of it falling down didn't occur, thank goodness! I wore this with my Black Duster Jacket which you can read more about in my other GRWM, Party Edition. I'm not really a mini skirt person, but this skirt was so beautifully patterned and could be worn as a midi if I so desired so was perfectly suited to my preferences (and it was on sale!)

Fancy a buy?

Loose Crop Top        - Primark      (£15)
Aztec Mini Skirt       - New Look  (£10)
Black Duster Jacket  - Primark      (£18)

Unfortunately I couldn't find all the proper links for the items, however I did select a few that were similar and I thought would also go nicely together regardless.

Much love xx