Friday, 20 March 2015

My Five Minute Makeup Routine

Hey Guys!
It's Friday! Yes, the weekend has finally arrived. No one is more grateful than me for that fact. As a student, the weekends are longed for with the weeks being such a rush nowadays, especially with the upcoming exams (sorry for the devastating reminder)! So for this week, I thought what better do to than a quick, easy makeup look that saves plenty of time but still leaves you looking awesome? There is nothing worse than rushing around, stressed out of your head and feeling like you aren't looking your best. I've been there and done that plenty a time. So in aid of this, I give you...

My Five Minute Makeup Routine

This is very similar to my "No Makeup" Makeup post I done not too long ago except a heck of a lot faster and easier to do. All it takes is your basic makeup appliances and five minutes of your time! 

What I used:

  • In The Buff Natural Nudes Palette: For the eyes, I used one of my more natural coloured eyeshadow palettes, so any palette you own that has natural colours in it will be perfect. I used, as always, my Rule of Three. After applying the lightest shade to my eyelid, making sure to put some into the inner corner of my eye. This makes your eyes look brighter and more awake (perfect for exam time). I then applied a medium shade into the crease of my eye which just gives my eyes a more shadowed effect. Then, I applied a darker shade into the outer corner of my eye, create a natural but smokey effect to the eyes. If you haven't already guessed, I'm a smokey eye addict. 
  • They're Real! - Benefit Mascara: For the lashes, I used an extremely small amount of mascara, just sweeping it over the lashes to darken them and elongate them slightly. This just gave them an extremely natural but fuller look which also helps when making you look more awake. This particular mascara is perfect for a light application as it isn't very gloopy or matted. 
  • Real Techniques Buffing Brush // Urban Decay Foundation: For the foundation, as always I used my go-to foundation which is a regular appearance in my blog posts. In order to lightly apply this, I used my buffing brush which perfectly blends out the foundation in order to create a nice smooth finish. 
  • Rimmel London - Nude Pink: Another regular appearance. For my lipstick, I used a very light application of my nude pink lipstick which just gave the lips a lovely light colouring. If you preferred, you could even use either lip gloss or lip balm. I know I am loving the Rosy Lips Vaseline which gives the lips a beautiful rosy glow whilst moisturising them too. 
  • Primer: I'd definitely suggest using primer. Obviously, it isn't a must, but if you are wanting this makeup to stay on your face all day long, then primer is the way to go. I use the Urban Decay Brightening and Tightening Complexion Primer which is fantastic. It sets your foundation perfectly and for as long as I've had it (a while) it has never failed to impress me with it's ability to keep my makeup on my face all day and longer! Perfect for those long study days. 

I really hope this has helped when it comes to those rushed, makeup questioning days. I know that I often am faced with the questioning looks, especially at this stressful time of year! Good luck to you all in your exams!! Now at least you have on less thing to worry about.

Much love xx