Saturday, 28 March 2015

Skincare Product Review: Gatineau & SBC

Hey Guys!
Happy Friday to you all. A slightly different blog post for this Friday, however I got my hands on these beautiful new products which are too good not to share so I thought I would do a little Product Review for you all. I know these brands are slightly more expensive than budget level, but I feel that for the perfect skincare, it is better to branch out a little in terms of price. Also, these bottles are pretty big so you are paying for quantity as well as quality here. 

Skincare Product Review: Gatineau & SBC
Gatineau & Simply Beautiful Collection Skin Care Products. 

Gatineau - 3 Piece Cleanse Collection

                 Cleanser & Toner

 First off, I have majorly sensitive skin so it is often difficult to find good skin care products that don't irritate my skin. These products are slightly more expensive than budget Toners and Cleansers however I can't remember ever using products that work as well as these. 
Cleanser - As it says on the bottle, it gently removes any traces of makeup, and it does exactly that. My face feels so much cleaner and thoroughly cleansed after using this. It isn't oily nor too thick which is a major plus and I also feel it moisturises the skin as well. 
Toner - Now toner has always been a confusing product for me as I never feel like they work well enough to see the results however I've found myself having more and more no makeup days after using this. 

SBC - Collagen, Rose & Argan Oil Collection

               Bath and Shower Cream

In all honesty, I haven't used this as much as I have hoped to have, but for a short time of usage my skin already feels smoother and looks better. And a major plus is that is smells fantastic! You don't have to use this as a cream which you apply after bathing or showering, you can also put it into a relaxing bath and soak in it and feel the benefits just the same. It is a hugely sized bottle so there is no worry of running out any time soon! (thank goodness)

                 Skincare Gel

Okay, I can't express how hard it was for me to use this gel. The guilt that over took me for ruining such a pretty, colourful moisturiser was devastating but I did, and I'm so glad I did. Another fantastic buy. With most moisturisers, they leave you feeling wet and sticky for ages and it's a nightmare waiting for it to soak in enough for you to pull on your clothes but with this, it is soaked in almost instantly and my skin feels immediately hydrated. Again, the bottle is massive so no worries there. 


As it states on the back of the bottle, it perfectly removes all makeup, dirt or oil that may be on your skin. After wiping off the cleanser, my skin was left feeling so clean and fresh. It cools the skin and leaves it hydrated and soft. I can honestly state I've never felt my skin so fresh. If you're like me and aren't brave enough to have no makeup days, then I suggest you add this product to your wish list because you will never look back. As I said before, the price is slightly higher but it is definitely worth it. My skin feels so smooth and even looks smooth and bright and I don't see myself rushing to cover it as much as I used to. 

                     After Skincare Gel

Again, another bottle that broke my heart using it. I adore the pink colour that looks almost illuminated whenever the sun hits it. It would have been a bummer if it looked that pretty and didn't actually work well, but luckily that isn't the case. Just like the product previously mentioned, it soaks in so fast and my skin feels fantastic. It can be used on both face and body. It is used in conjunction with the SBC cleanser. This product is fantastic for no makeup days as it leaves my skin feeling tighter and healthier. 

Fancy a buy?

Gatineau - Cleanser & Toner  (£38)

Much love xx