Sunday, 26 April 2015

Kylie Jenner Challenge

Hey Guys!
If you haven't heard of the Kylie Jenner Challenge by now then where have you been?! This challenge is practically taking over the world, possessing people to suck on a lid until their lips are bigger than their face. I, the minority, have yet to do the Kylie Jenner Challenge (thank goodness), but I'm hoping my little tip will stop the sacrificing of lips whilst still giving you, at base, the Kylie Jenner lip!
Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

So for those of you obsessing over plump lips (me) and wishing away your thin lips in the hopes that sucking into a bottle lid will bring you perfectly plumped up lips, I beg you to put down that bottle lid. If you're like myself and have spent most of your weekend laughing at the failed attempts of this "Kylie Jenner Challenge", then you will have more than likely been talked out of trying this phenomenon. Don't be disheartened though!

Makeup, as you probably already know, has many abilities and thanks to watching a few research vids on youtube, I have found the perfect way to give yourself Kylie's lips with just some nude lipstick and liner. I repeated, NUDE lipstick. I would definitely not recommend trying this with a bright pink colour or whatever crazy lipsticks are lying around your makeup bag (believe me, I've made that mistake). The reason I am stressing you use nude is because it is the closest shade to your lip colour (genius I know) therefore will not be as noticeable as a glittery pink.

Before and After
Now, unlike me, my sister isn't cursed with thin lips. Though they aren't 'Kylie Jenner' size, they are still nice and plump which is often beneficial when applying lip liner I fined, but don't tune out now my fellow thin lipped friends, for I have a trick for you. 
  1. Find the lighter line that surrounds your lips. This line is your guide line and it will help you create the perfect over line. 
  2. Take a nude lip liner and carefully follow this lighter line around your lips so that it is just outside of your regular lip line. 
  3. Once your lips have been slightly over lined, fill in your lips with the lip liner and make sure the liner is true to your lips i.e. the same shape. 
  4. Take a similarly coloured lipstick and go over you lips.
  5. Hopefully now you have lovely plump lips!
I used Nougat by GOSH for the lipstick and a simple nude liner. You may also use a small lipstick brush and line your lips with your chosen lipstick, but you must always line your lips before you apply the lipstick (I learnt the hard way).

Enjoy rocking your Kylie Jenner Lips!

Much love xx