Saturday, 18 April 2015

My Summer Favourites

Hey Guys!

So, something crazy happened. Scotland reached 20° and it has really gotten me into the mood for summer! For those of you thinking, 20°? Summer? Well, the stereotype is true and sun is a very rare sighting for Scotland, so even the tiniest glimpse has me reaching for my sandals and sunglasses. 
Since this is currently very much the case, I thought, in honour of the minor heat we have been receiving, I would share with you...

 My Summer Favourites.

 I am a huge fan of the whole Boho Chic look and I am loving that it has finally made a well deserved return into the stores and our wardrobes with a MASSIVE bang. It took to Coachella in its masses and all I have seen in store windows are tassels, tassels and more tassels. 
The reason I am mentioning the Boho style is because it plays a massive part in my own individual style and my summer favourites. So lets start this ball rolling.

Split Maxi Skirt

I can't stress enough how awesome these skirts are. There are so many different styles of this that you can wear and rock to any occasion. My personal favourite being the double split maxi skirt which would be so lovely to wear during summer when its nice to have your legs out a little! 

Long Kimono

I absolutely adore this item of clothing for a number of reasons, my main reason being it is just one of those items that is well worth wearing. In my opinion, it is classy and sensible and very summery. 
It is so easy to wear casually or as a quick throw-over if you're lucky enough to go to the beach. This has to be my all time favourite and I don't even regret saying that...
I thank Tumblr for all my kimono addiction refills and the great event known as Coachella for fully putting them on the map.

Lace Tasselled Top


This is very much in trend making its appearance in every shop window I happen to pass but it definitely deserves to be. It is so fun and light weight making it perfect for really warm days. With a little camisole or the right undergarments, this top is stunning.

Bright Backpacks


I will be honest, I am not usually a fan of bright colours. Anything minimalist or monochrome, I'm game but shove some magenta or fire truck red on that pile then I am off like a shot. But recently, I have found myself drawn to the more out there colours and if this bright yellow backpack doesn't prove my point then I don't know what will. I feel like bright colours always have and always will be a perfect summer trend. 

Hand Jewellery

I adore hand jewellery. It is the perfect piece to change an entire outfit I think and turns simple rings and bracelets into a beautiful, personally, boho item making it more casual and cool. They are very easy to buy and usually not that expensive, another bargain for summer. I think everyone should own one! I'm not a fan of rings, although I always wished I could pull off the stacked rings and long finger jewellery but no, my little stumpy fingers just look even weirder if I was to even dare to try. But, for all of you on the same boat as me, this is perfect for our crew. 
Metallic Tattoos


Nothing screams summer more than glimmering, golden, stick on tattoos! I don't have any more words, they are so stunning and I love them. That basically sums it up. Who doesn't want a glittery arm filled with shining arrows and feathers? I for one am certainly excited to enter into the times of my childhood where I would beg for temporary tattoos and get my mum to stick them on with a wet compress. Just me? 

Shop My Favourites

Double Split Maxi Skirt Missguided (£12)
Single Split Maxi Skirt   - Missguided  (£12)
Lace Tassel Top              - (£12)
Bright Yellow Backpack (£10)
Hand Jewellery               -  (£5)
Metallic Tattoos              - (£5)

Much love xx