Sunday, 12 April 2015

Statement Lips

Hey Guys!

So recently, I've been loving wearing lipstick. I don't have a reason as to why, but lipstick seems to be the part of the makeup aisle I very rarely venture into. For some strange reason, lipstick has always been that one makeup product that I have always tagged as 'out there'. I adore statement lips and I've always wished I could be one of those people who look really awesome with the bright red lipstick and not look like a circus clown. But then I watched this awesome video by Michelle Phan called "How To Wear Dark Lips" and the game changed immediately. So for all you lippy-phobes, this is for you. 
Statement Lips

From left:
 Make Out Red - Avon // Nougat - GOSH // Midnight Plum - Maybelline Color Sensational // Starry-Eyed - Rimmel London

Make Out Red by Avon

Although this lipstick is called "Make Out Red", I personally think it is more of a bright pink colour but still as beautiful. For me, pink itself is a statement, but this lipstick has a way of looking classy whilst standing out. It easily becomes the focus point of your makeup without drawing too much attention. 

Starry-Eyed by Rimmel London

This lipstick is one I only tend to venture into when I'm feeling risky. It's stunning but being extremely pale, it is a MASSIVE statement. Any lipstick is more prominent due to being so pale, but plum lipsticks especially. I still love it though.

Nougat by GOSH

Ok, I lied. This lipstick isn't very out there at all, but it is still lipstick. Although it is nude, it is still very noticeable for all the right reasons but I did try and sneak it in as it is one of my favourites and most used. I often wear this on a daily basis nowadays, purely due to its subtlety and matte effect. 

Mightnight Plum by Maybelline Color Sensational 

This lipstick is a serious statement lip. I stole this from my mum (thanks mum) and I love it. It has a slight glittery tone running through its dark plum colouring which gives it a glossy look and not as matte as the other lipsticks. It is definitely true to its name and very deserving of a place as a statement lipstick. 

Fancy a buy?

Midnight Plum by Maybelline Color Sensational 
Starry-Eyed by Rimmel London
Nougat by GOSH

Unfortunately Make Out Red isn't available for purchase at the minute but I'll keep checking! 

Much love xx