Friday, 8 May 2015

Get The Look: Jen Law Past & Present

Hey Guys!

So in honour of the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence co-hosting the Met Gala 2015, I thought I would take the opportunity to look back at some of her best makeup looks and have some fun recreating them. 
Jennifer is without a doubt one of the most stunning women in the industry currently, or at least I think so anyway, and with that being said, needs very minimal makeup. Her looks are basic and simple which is why it will be easier and more doable for regular people like ourselves to try them out (bonus for us)!

 As always, Jennifer looked beautiful at the Met Gala, but I have too many fav looks from Jen that I couldn't possibly do one of her looks and bypass the rest of them! So, these are my four favourite Jen moments and makeup tutorials on how to achieve them yourself! 

Look #1

This look was worn by Jennifer at the Oscars 2013. She wore a beautiful charcoal smokey eye with light lips. As always, heads were turning and although the eyes are slightly darker and heavier than some may want, it's so easy to tone down. Of course, you dont have to be exact when recreating these looks.

What I Used.
Urban Decay Naked Foundation // Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Concealer // Stila Lip Glaze Lip Gloss // Benefit Mascare They're Real // Clinique Blush and Bronzer // LaRoc Eyeshadow Palette 
For makeup looks such as this one, it is easier to begin with the eye makeup before you even think of applying a base of foundation (something I learnt the hard way)!

  1. I used a lighter grey shade for the base of the eye, taking it to just below the brow bone before blending in a darker shade. Because the look is more of a charcoal, I found it easier to just stick with darker greys rather than attempting blacks. 
  2. As you may already know, I am not a fan of liquid liner so as always, I used a black eyeshadow for the liner gently blending the outer corners of the liner into the darker greys. This helped create a lovely cateye look. 
  3. I blended a lighter grey shade beneath the eye slightly, taking it around from the outer corners and making sure it wasnt very defined. 
  4. I also added a black eyeliner into the water line.
  5. I then blended in all of the colours using a blender brush.
  6. I applied a slight amount of mascara. 
  7. Moving onto foundation. I applied the foundation as a base, using concealer were needed and under the eyes slighty (a lighter shade of concealer can help act as a highlighter). 
  8. I then used an angled brush to define the cheeks slightly with bronzer before adding light blush to the cheeks. 
  9. For the lips, I went back in time to the embarassing memories of covering your lips in concealer in order to create the pale shade Jennifer has. I used a light pink lip gloss over the top to help add to this. 

Look #2

This look was worn by Jen earlier this week as she co-hosted the Met Gala 2015. Her makeup, again though subtle, enphasised her lips and eyes, making a bright pink lip her statement feature. The eyes were done in an almost colour gradient as they went from a light greyish/brown to a darker brown in the outer corners.

What I Used. 
Urban Decay Naked Foundation // Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 // Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Concealer // Clinique Blush and Bronzer // Avon Make Out Red Lipstick (statement lips)

Again, I suggest leaving the base until last. 

  1. I began with the light greyish/brown colour as a base to the eyes, taking it higher up the brow bone and slightly into the inner corner of the eye. 
  2. I then began to blend the darker brown into the outer corner of the eye, blending it into the middle to meet with the grey.
  3. I took the brown under the eye, blending it into the bottom lid. 
  4. Though Jen's eyes are slightly more minimal than the eyeshadow I recreated, I found it easier to add in a little black liner into the water line to further define the eyes. Each look is completely up to your preference. 
  5. Again, I added black eyeshadow to the upper lid as a means of eyeliner. 
  6. I then done my base the same way as always, defining the cheeks ect.
  7. For the lips, I always recommend lining the lips before you begin. If, like me, you dont have lip liner in that colour, use a lipstick brush and use the lipstick to line your lips. 
  8. Fill the lips in with the lipstick.
Look #3

This look was possibly one of my favourites to recreate. If you didnt know already, I love the brown smokey eyes. I never wear anything else! It looks so fabulous on anybody, especially when rocking a nude lip.

What I Used.
Urban Decay Naked Foundation // Bare Minerals Stoke of Light Concealer // Models Prefer Moulin Rouge Blush and Bronzer // Sephore Angled Liner Brush // In The Buff Natural Nudes Eyeshadow // Stila Lip Gloss
  1. I started with the eyes, creating a really natural brown as a base and again darkening it into the outer corners.  
  2.  I took the darker brown beneath the bottom eyelid to add to the smokey effect. 
  3. I lined the water line with black eyeliner and the top, again, with black eyeshadow. 
  4. I applied the foundation and defined the cheeks with bronzer and added some blush. 
  5. For the lips, again, I used the foundation as a means of lightening the lips before applying a light pink lip gloss.

    Look #4

    Okay, I lied. This may be my favourite. It is something so far from my comfort zone, something I woud debate wearing but I absolutely love it. It is so chic and so sophisticated. She wore this to the Met Gala in 2013 and as always, looked absolutely knock out!

    What I Used.
 Urban Decay Naked Foundation // Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Concealer // Models Prefer Blush and Bronzer // Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 // Black Liquid Liner // Benefit Mascara They're Real // Stila Red Lip Gloss Matte
 As I said, this look is so far from my comfort zone I question its existence in this list of my favourite looks but it is in fact one of the most sophisticated looks I've seen and looks beautiful for any event. 
Again, I suggest doing the eyes first. 

  1. I applied a natural brown colour as a base for the eye, taking it up to the brow bone. 
  2. Now I am definitely no expert when it comes to liquid liner, but I would suggest beginning in the middle. Of course, it is whatever you find easiest, but I feel this allows you to better judge the thickness of the line. 
  3. I created a small flick to the corner of the eye.
  4. I added a small amount of black liner to the water line of the bottom lid.
  5. Repeating my process for the base of the foundation, defining the cheeks and adding a slight amount of blush.
  6. For the lips, it was more difficult to line them before applying the lip gloss but this lip gloss if very thick and creates almost a matte look to the lips. So use your red lip gloss/lip stick.
  7. And that is the finished look. 

Thank you to my sister for modelling for me (instagram @rebkirsop)!

Much love xx