Monday, 15 June 2015

Prom: Makeup Tutorial

Hey Guys!
IT'S PROM SEASON!! That means a lot of makeup, good times, good memories and more makeup! I thought, even though I'm a little behind, I'd create a Prom Makeup Tutorial. I don't know about you guys, but I think there is something very satisfying about doing your own makeup to perfection and what better a night to feel absolutely beautiful than Prom?!

 Prom is always, as cliche as it may be, the most magical night of teenage years and of course, you want to look pretty damn knock out. I thought a very sweet and light makeup would do the trick with gentle eyes that give the look a very innocent feel.


Bare Minerals - Blush // Bare Minerals - Stroke Of Light Concealer // Yves Saint Laurent Highlighter // In The Nude - Natural Nudes Palette 

As sad as I am to say this, I have actually ran out of my Urban Decay Foundation (shock horror). I have yet to repurchase it, which obviously I will be doing very soon, obviously! However, fun fact: I don't like liquid foundation in the summer. Recently I have been using Magic Minerals Powder Foundation which I have been absolutely loving! I feel powder sits a lot better than liquid and is a lot lighter, in the summer months especially.
For this look, I did use my Bare Minerals Stroke Of Light Concealer which helped correct any little difficult areas such as under the eyes which I couldn't quite fix with powder alone. I also found a new favourite of mine, the Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch Highlighter. I know I have said in previous blog posts that I prefer to use lighter concealers rather than actually highlighters, however I find this particular highlighter, although very expensive, is fantastic for both my skin tone and the areas I wish to use it. I often highlight the inner corners of my eyes and the bridge of my nose and this is perfect. For one, it has a slight pinkish tone which really helps lighten the skin and brighten it, especially in the corners of the eyes.
If you want to read fully how I do my foundation you can check out my "No Makeup" Makeup tutorial.


For the eyes, I done a gentle smokey eye with very light colours. I used mainly pinks, browns and silvers.

  1. I took a shimmery dusty-pink into the crease of the eye, blending it outward up to the brow bone. I used a thinner eyeshadow brush to really define the crease of the eye with the pink colour.
  2. I then took a slightly thicker brush and blended it just below the pink in the crease, blending it into the outer corner of the eye and again, into the crease slightly. The brown helped to define the pink from the silver colours and also make it look slightly more natural. 
  3. Using a sponge eyeshadow brush, I dapped a lighter silver colour into the centre of the lid before taking a darker slate colour (grey) and blending it into the outer corner so to make the edges look darker.
  4. I used the same pink shade I began with before taking a smaller and more defined eyeshadow brush and blending it into the bottom lid, beneath the eye. I done the same with the slate shade, taking it into the outer corner of the bottom lid. 
  5. Taking a very light shade, almost white, I dapped it into the inner corners of the eye to open them up and create a more lighter eyeshadow. It added to the light tone of the makeup. 
  6. Because the eyelashes are very straight, I used an eyelash curler for the eyelashes and used the They're Real! Benefit Mascara to try and give the eyes an almost doll eyed effect.


GOSH - Nougat

No surprise here, I used the GOSH lipstick in the colour Nougat. It is my holy grail of lipsticks and I was not leaving it out of this post! I feel with a nice light eyeshadow, it is only fair to go with a natural lip. It helps having a slight brown tinge to the eyes as it really connected both products and drew the look together. Of course, feel free to really vamp up either your lips or eyes, it is totally up to you. I just preferred to keep this look pretty simple and light, especially for summer time. 

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To all of you attending prom, have a magical time and I hope this helps you in some way! 

Much love xx