Friday, 12 June 2015

How To: Emphasise Your Eye Colour

Hey Guys!
Since it's prom season, I'm assuming a lot of people are going crazy trying to get the perfect look and it's always a good thing to know what will really look best on you! Finding the right eyeshadow that is going to enhance your eyes is always difficult but I'm hoping to make that a little easier in this weeks blog post and show you How To Emphasise Your Eyes.

Every eye colour is beautiful and its great to be able to emphasise your unique colour with something so simple like eyeshadow!

Brown Eyes

If you have brown eyes, lucky you! You have the widest range of colours to choose from which will help accentuate your eyes. You really have a choice of any shade, from natural colours to bright colours that will really make your eyes pop. If your looking for a toned down look, I'd say a more peach colour would be best suited or if you're really going for it, definitely try a stunning teal colour or purple.

Teal // Peach // Green // Violet

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Blue Eyes

Because blue is a naturally cool tone, warmer tones tend to distract attention from the blue in the eye. Using cool tone colours such as slate or even silvery blue brightens the eye up and emphasises the blue in the eye. Pale colours such as pale pink or pale purple are often good too. Avoid applying too much eyeshadow to the centre of the lid.

Pastel Blue // Plum // Pastel Pink // Champagne 

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Green Eyes

I have always thought that green eyes look beautiful with natural tones such as golds and deep browns but the pros say that actually, deep purples are very much suited to helping emphasise green eyes. Unlike blue eyes, green eyes are so much better accentuated when a lighter colour is dabbed to the centre of the eyelid just above the iris such as violet when paired with deep purple.

Light Brown // Violet // Rust // Golden

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Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are a mixture of tones ranging from green to brown so really, you guys have the choice of colours again! I would, however, recommend avoiding golden tones that are very pale because they can wash out the eye colour. If you wish to highlight the greens in your eyes, use more violets and purples, but if you wish to highlight the browns in your eyes, use more yellowy-browns and greys.

Dusty Pink // Burgundy // Light Brown // Violet

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I hope this helps you when it comes to emphasising your eye colours! Remember, less is more, especially when using the brighter colours! Please comment any suggestions for future blog posts!

Much love xx