Friday, 19 June 2015

How To: Ombré Lips

Hey Guys!
Happy Friday to you all! So if you read my Statement Lips blog post from a while back, you'll know that bright lips and 'statement' lipstick kind of scares me a little. There is nothing I love more than a person who can rock a bright lip, I envy them! However, regardless of my fear, I decided to try out the craze that is now Ombré lips. This is where a darker shade blends into a lighter shade and let me tell you, it is beautiful. If you loved the hair craze as much as I did and still do, then you are going to LOVE this! 

I used two pinkish colours for both styles of lips however one is obviously brighter than the other. Ombré Lips are surprisingly easy to do especially considering how effortlessly beautiful they look as a finished product. 

            Look #1
Starry Eyed - Rimmel // Nude Pink - Rimmel
For this look, I used the Rimmel Starry Eyed lipstick which is a more plum colour on the lip line and the corners of the lips. It helps to emphasise the lipstick if you begin with a foundation (light) base to the lips. I blended the Rimmel Nude Pink into the centre of the bottom lip and the arc of the top lip. It was easier to blend both lipsticks due to the outer corners being predominately dark and fading the closer they got to the centre. 

            Look #2
Make Out Red - Avon // Oh La La - Models Prefer // Nude Pink - Rimmel 

For the second look, it was a very similar process however instead of the pervious two colours, I used three. For the outer corners I used Make Out Red by Avon which is really more of a bright pink. That then blended into Oh La La, which is a richer pink but helps fade nicely into the Nude Pink due to its lack of brightness. 

How To 

  1. Begin the lips with either a foundation base or a very light lip balm which will help to emphasise and hold the lipstick in its place for a long while. 
  2. ALWAYS start with the lip line. Personally, it is so much easier to fill in the rest of my lips when I have a definite lip line which easily defines the shape and form of my lips. 
  3. Begin with the darker/darkest colour on the outside so to blend it inward to the lighter colour gradually. 
  4. If you have a third colour that helps blend the dark to light easier, feel free to use it here. 
  5. You can then blend in your lightest colour into the centre of the lip and the arc of the top. It helps the lips look fuller and looks stunning in any colour. 

The great thing about this look is that it can be as drastic or as subtle as you wish it to be. You can use it with any colour, whether that be blue, pink, black or even a darker nude. Just have fun with it!

Much love xx