Monday, 1 June 2015

My Travel Essentials

Hey Guys!

So another blog post is late, but I have good reason. This weekend I flew to Ireland for a concert, which was fantastic by the way, but this got me thinking about travelling. Since summer is almost here (finally), it means its about time to pack our bags and prepare for the excitement of travelling, which brings me to todays blog post.

I thought I'd share with you all my travel essentials!

For me, I really like to be prepared on the plane because I tend to get pretty bored easily. I have only ever been on a really long flight once so I don't have much experience with preparing for a super long flight but I have my main essentials and little things I may need when I land! Whether its a long flight or really short, you can never be too prepared! 

Kindle/Book // Phone // Earphones 

On a flight, no matter how quick I always like to make sure I am entertained. I take with me my phone, a HTC one mini, my Kindle so that I can read books or watch movies and my must have, earphones. I always need to have my earphones on a plane so that I can listen to music because as one of those people who is easily disturbed, it's better to have earphones so that I can relax on the plane without being disrupted by all the noises on a plane. I have Bose Earphones which are fantastic at blocking out the noise around me and perfect for flights. 

Sony Cyber-Shot Camera

Obviously this isn't for on the flight, but I often like to have a camera packed in case the opportunity arises for a good photograph. I also have a Nikon D3100 which is substantially larger than this camera and probably not as travel size, however I do try and take it with me whenever I can.

Clinique Bronzer & Blush // Rimmel London Lipstick // Vaseline Rosy Lips // Makeup Brushes

Also one which is not necessarily for on the flight travel, but maybe after when you want to freshen yourself up a little bit with some makeup. After a long flight where you may have been sleeping or restless for a while, it's often nice to know that you have the ability to make yourself look a little bit more human at the end of it, at least that's what I do. The Rosy Lips Vaseline is perfect for keeping your lips moistened and in good shape when you're travelling for a while whilst also giving you a nice pink shine. I definitely recommend it for travelling. 

Sunglasses // Pure Blush Perfume // Vaseline // Cleansing Wipes

Wishful thinking in packing the sunglasses but hopefully you're travelling to somewhere sunny so it's always good to know that your sunglasses are packed and ready for use! Again, it's always nice when on a long flight to take off your makeup if you want to feel a bit more comfortable or even just freshen up a little after or during the flight. Wipes are always a good thing to pack. Also, a nice perfume or deodorant to freshen up as well.

Whether it's a 24 hour flight or a half an hour flight, it's always good to be prepared and hopefully this helped you a little bit in the run up to summer!

Much love xx