Tuesday, 21 July 2015

100 Blog Post Ideas

Hey guys!

I hope you're all well! I have some seriously exciting things planned in the near future which I cannot wait to share with you all but for now, it's shh! All I can say is I am SUPER excited and I think you guys will be too! For now, however, it's back to bloggers block.

I racked my brain for a good blog post, one that was original, one I hadn't really done before and I couldn't think of a single thing! So I accumulated a list of plenty blog post ideas that will hopefully help you guys if you find yourselves in the same position!

  1. Favourite Makeup Of The Moment.
  2. Get The Look.
  3. Makeup Bag Staples.
  4. My Beauty Crush.
  5. Everyday Makeup Routine.
  6. Holy Grail Of Beauty Products. 
  7. Makeup Tips & Tricks. 
  8. Beauty Q&A.
  9. Product Empties.
  10. Makeup Trends. 
  11. What's In My Makeup Bag?
  12. Product Review.
  13. Morning Routine.
  14. Evening Routine.
  15. A Tag Post (3 Minute Makeup Challenge).
  16. A Before and After Post.
  17. 5 Go-To Hairstyles. 
  18. Hair Inspiration. 
  19. A Makeup Tutorial.
  20. Must-have Makeup Items. 
  21. Makeup Desk Tour.
  22. Makeup Collection.
  23. Past & Present Makeup Looks (Opinions).
  24. Budget Makeup Look.
  25. Date Night Makeup Look.


   26. Wardrobe Staples.
   27. Current Trends. 
   28. Fashion Must-haves. 
   29. Lookbook. 
   30. Outfit Of The Day.
   31. Outfit Of The Week.
   32. Style Inspo.
   33. Fashion Advice To Your Younger Self.
   34. Fashion Advice In General.
   35. Bargain Shopping. 
   36. DIY Fashion (eg. Ripped Jeans).
   37. Trends You Don't Like.
   38. Your Favourite Outfit EVER.
   39. A Run Through Of Fashion Past & Present. 
   40. Your Holiday Wear.
   41. Seasonal Outfits. 
   42. A Wardrobe Clear Out. 
   43. Fashion Rants.
   44. Clothes Haul. 
   45. How To: Casual To Dressy.
   46. Shoespiration.  
   47. Festival Lookbook.
   48. Wardrobe Tour. 
   49. How To: Colour Co-ordinate. 
   50. Handbag Collection.


   51. Crafty DIY Ideas.
   52. Quotes You Live By.
   53. Your Idol.
   54. Life Hacks.
   55. Restaurant Review.
   56. Travel Guide.
   57. Bucket List. 
   58. Pictures Of A Recent Trip.
   59. Seasonal Essentials. 
   60. What's In My Bag?
   61. A Room Tour. 
   62. Q&A.
   63. Book Review.
   64. Movie Review. 
   65. Your Favourite Local Areas. 
   67. A Recent Trip. 
   68. Favourite Album. 
   69. Life Advice. 
   70. Your Favourite Recipe. 
   71. Interior Inspiration. 
   72. Share About A Difficult Time In Your Life (If You're Comfortable).
   73. Advice To Your Younger Self.
   74. A Day In A Life. 
   75. Inspirations. 

General Ideas

   76. How You Edit Your Pictures. 
   77. Where You See Yourself In 5 / 10 Years. 
   78. Favourite Smoothie Recipe.
   79. Reviews On New Products. 
   80. Top 10 Places To Travel. 
   81. Your Happy Place. 
   82. A Quote Book.
   83. Creative Ideas.
   84. Your Own Blog Post Ideas.
   85. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
   86. A Comparison Post.
   87. Themed Makeup. 
   88. Vlog.
   89. Blogging Collaboration.
   90. Favourite Bloggers. 
   91. A Diary Entry. 
   92. A Live-Blogging Post. 
   93. An Interview (Much Like My Fashion Tips From A Fashion Blogger Post).
   94. A Giveaway / Competition.
   95. An Open Letter.
   96. A Guest Post. 
   97. List Your Idols / Favourite Celebrities. 
   98. Top Tips For Blogging.
   99. Things You Wish You Knew When You Were Little. 
   100. Your Favourite Instagram Accounts. 

I thought splitting it into niches would be 100x easier! I hope this helps you get over your bloggers block and you'll be back typing in no time! Let me know what you think of some of these ideas!

Much love xx