Tuesday, 7 July 2015

How To: Smokey Eyes

Hey Guys!

Happy (official) summer to you all!

So if you've read previous blog posts, you'll know my obsession with smokey eyes, if you haven't read previous blog posts then (read them!) I am OBSESSED with smokey eyes. There, I finally confessed it. Now this obsession is unconsciously involved in every single makeup look I ever do, like ever! But there is a reason for that.

This look is just irresistibly beautiful and it suits anyone with anything (I think anyway) so I'm going to show you how I do my version of the Smokey Eye look!

Lipstick - Nougat / GOSH // Highlight - Yves Saint Laurent // Urban Decay - Shattered Face Case // Bare Minerals - Stroke Of Light Concealer 

For the face, I used a significant amount of highlighter which I am in love with currently. I focused this on the inner corners of the eyes and the bridge of the nose in order order to give the skin the radiant glow that summer brings. I kept the foundation light, using my powder foundation - Magic Minerals. I used a much more natural pink on the cheeks to continue to tie in with the natural feel to the skin, adding a slight amount of bronzer to the cheekbones and temples. They say to add the bronzer where the sun would kiss you (or something like that), so the temples and the cheekbones are often the way to go. It also helps the face look more naturally defined. For the lips, as always, I went with Nougat by GOSH.


I ALWAYS do a smokey eye, some obviously more dramatic than others and it is completely up to you whether you wish to intensify this look or even tone it down a little. That is the beauty of makeup, it never has to be exact (apologies to any makeup pros out there for that statement)!

What I used.
LaRoc Premium Makeup Palette // Urban Decay - Naked Palette 1 // Various Eyeshadow Brushes

  1. It is important to know the colour scheme you are going for before beginning your smokey eye because smokey eye doesn't always have to be done with natural tones! Once your colours are picked, begin with the lightest tone as a base to your eye. (If you're using bright colours, a light base always helps to add to the vibrance of the colours.)
  2. It isn't a must, but it can sometimes be easier to use a smaller sized brush to get better into the crease of the eye. Taking a darker shade, work it into the crease being careful to avoid the lid of the eye. Take the shade up to the brow bone and blend it out. 
  3. Still using a smaller brush, it's sometimes nice to work a small amount of black (depending how intense you're wanting your smokey eye) into the outer corner of the crease and working it in. Make sure to tap off any excess powder. 
  4. Blending the colours out, you can then begin to properly blend the colours together and upward towards the brow bone
  5. Be sure to bring the eyeshadow far enough into the outer corner to then blend it onto the bottom lid. This part is most definitely easier when using a smaller brush as it helps the precision of the eyeshadow. (if you feel it is easier to use a paper towel to stop excess powder from going onto your cheeks, now is a good time. Hold the paper against your skin sightly under your eye to protect your cheek.) 
  6. I also chose to add black eyeliner into the waterline to further increase the intensity of the eyes however it is completely up to you. 
  7. Once you are happy with it's blend and the shade of your smokey eye, add some mascara, some eyeliner, whatever you wish and there you go! Beautiful!

I thought to myself, I do it so often, why not dedicate a whole post to it, so there you have it! As always, your makeup is completely up to you. Whether you wish to do this really dark or really natural, it is totally your choice! I hope this helps when it comes to doing a lovely smokey eye!

Much love xx