Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Product Review: Liana Marcel Designs

Hey guys! 

So recently a group of other bloggers and myself were asked to do a product review on the unique and imaginative designs that is "Liana Marcel Designs". We were asked to do this to give our opinions on the little unique accessories and items that would be sent out in a subscription box when you join The Marcel Club! 

I am going to go through the box with you all and show you what you could receive when you sign up to www.lianamarcel.co.uk!

Beach Hair Bows

I think these little hair pins/bows are the cutest little things! It's been a long time since I even considered wearing bows in my hair, but I think since it's summer, anything goes and these are too cute to resist, especially if you have little ones who could really get the full use of these! I don't have little ones (obviously), so I get these all to myself!

Colour Me Notecard 

 This colour me notecard is just the sweetest. The summer themed picture is lovely and the free space on the back to turn it into something a bit more personal is just perfect. I don't know about you guys but colouring in is so therapeutic to me so I will definitely be spending my time on this one! Again, definitely perfect for little ones to keep them occupied this summer!

Oopsie Daisy Stud Earrings and Brooch

Unfortunately, I don't have my ears pierced or I would be wearing these daisy earrings to death! They are the cutest things! For me, flowers are the pinnacle of summer and what better than beautiful daisies! The brooch is beautifully made and the glitter on the leaf just adds that little extra, don't you think?

'YUM' Fridge Magnet / Sunflower Seeds / Summer Stickers

The fridge magnet is one of my favourites. The lolly pop design is so unique and lovely, just perfect for the fridge! Especially in summer. Now, I remember being super young and my sister and I each having our own sunflower to tend to and getting this "Grow Your Own" sunflower seed got me super excited! I am so looking forward to planting them up! And included in the pack where sweet summer themed stickers for anyone whom enjoys scrap booking or maybe just wants some stickers!


I LOVE this notebook. If you know me, you'll know that I find puns way too funny and this just made my day. The "you're one in a melon" notebook is the perfect size to pop in your bag for a day out just to jot down some notes if need be, store your shopping list or anything you want! It also came with a bright yellow and blue bendy pencil which I find so much fun. It totally takes me back to primary school days where the crazier the stationary, the cooler you were. 

Summer Themed Key Ring

Now I am a huge fan of key-rings. I think they are an absolute must and this summer themed key-ring  is definitely a must. The neon colours and cute sunglasses are the coolest thing and will definitely be making an appearance on my keys!

A Healthy Recipe Card

Especially during summer, we're all still aiming for those summer bodies no matter the month and this healthy smoothie recipe card will be perfect! It shows you how to make the perfect strawberry smoothie! Yum! I am so excited to try this out and especially to use the cute pastel pink and white straw (I'm sad, I know)!

Vanilla Lip Balm

I'm a sucker for lip balm, especially flavoured lip balm so this is perfect. It's beautifully glittered, which admittedly I can find quite irritating because the glitter gets everywhere but I haven't found that with this particular item! Bonus! And it tastes amazing. Bigger bonus! 

Rainbow Coloured Braid Bracelet 

Ok, so this is probably (possibly) my favourite item of the lot. I am a big bracelet fan as it is and this is just so summery. I feel like this would go with anything! Sadly, I have tiny wrists, so it is always difficult finding bracelets that fit me (boo) but with an adjustable strap like this one, it's no trouble which makes me super happy because it's just so pretty! I mean, look at it!

The initial packaging of the box was lovely, each item carefully wrapped in vibrant green tissue paper which went perfectly with the summer theme. The overall quality of everything was fantastic, bearing in mind all of it was handmade! For just £20 a month, it is definitely something I would recommend!

So that is it for the subscription box. A MASSIVE thank you to Leanne for sending me one, it is so cool!

If you love all of this as much as I do, be sure to check out Liana Marcel Designs and if you use the code ELBLOG you can get a 15% discount which can be used up until the end of August. So get spending!

Be sure to check out Liana Marcel Designs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Much love xx