Friday, 14 August 2015

Beauty Haul | Product Review

Hey guys!

Summer is nearly over and I've been buying the typical pack to school things (makeup of course). I've collected a few new beauty products which I have never actually used before so seeing as this is a rare occurrence, I thought I would put together a haul / product review.

Rimmel London - Stay Matte Finishing Powder // Mess Head Dry Shampoo // Hawaiian Tropic Sun Lotion // L'Oreal Matt & Messy Salt Spray 

Rimmel London - Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Stay Matte - Long Lasting Pressed Powder
I have been looking for a decent pressed powder for goodness knows how long. Coloured ones aren't my skin tone, translucent ones are no where to be seen, I'm too lazy to look online and too skint to buy expensive ones. Then along comes this. Admittedly, it wasn't a well thought through buy (a last minute grab before you go to pay, you know how it goes) but I saw the shade, momentarily thought it looked okay and in my basket it went. However it has been fantastic to me the last few times I have used it. My makeup stays on perfectly, it is the perfect match to my skin tone (thank goodness) and, as it tells you on the back, it makes my skin look absolutely flawless! If you are ever in body shop and care to spare a few pound, I definitely recommend.

Hawaiian Tropic - Moisturising Sun Lotion 

Moisturiser - 30 SPF Sun Lotion
 I read somewhere a long time ago that applying sun lotion every day helps protect your skin from the sun (duh) and also helps reduce ageing and keep your skin looking sleek. I always wanted to do this so that my skin was protected (being very pale, it always helps) however Scotland is protective enough seeing the mass amount of sun we get here (kidding, of course). Although, again I did stumble across this buy but it has been perfect. It is a moisturiser as well and I genuinely can feel and see the difference in my skin from using this over the past few weeks (and it smells amazing)!

Mess Head - Dry Shampoo 

Volumising Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo is a must, no doubt about it. I am usually a loyal Batiste buyer myself however this called out to me (that and it was cheaper). I am always reaching for my dry shampoo, especially when I'm back at school and needing a refreshment. My hair is always paying the price for a busy day at school! This smells great and works perfectly. I am a massive hair freak and if my hair isn't perfect or feels dirty, I will not leave the house. This however is such a life saver! 

L'Oreal - Matt & Messy Salt Spray

We all know that beach waves are still rocking every magazine spread and are the next best hairstyle since the Rachel Hair in the 90's. Although I wrote about the cheap and easy way to make your own salt spray in my Top 10 Beauty Hacks, this is perfect if you're wanting to add volume and grip to your soft, shiny hair. This certainly helps me a lot when I'm looking for that perfect messy hair do but I've just washed my hair (the struggle). It beats the use of hairspray and gel and definitely gives my hair a style that lasts all day. Another recommendation!

Tuscan Rose - Hand and Nail Cream

I have very sensitive skin, so finding a good hand cream is pretty difficult. This is one cream I have found that is both pretty cheap, not oily and is great on my skin! I can feel the difference straight away and it doesn't leave my hands with that annoying oily feeling afterwards. The bottle is very small so it is the perfect hand bag size! However, with that being said, it has lasted me a long time which is great! Again, it smells so good!

Fancy A Buy?

Stay Matte Pressed Powder - (£2.99)
Hawiian Tropic Sunscreen - (£7.50)
L'Oreal Matt & Messy Salt Spray - (£3.79)
Hand and Nail Cream  - (£6.40)

I am doing a "Back to School Makeup" post very soon so keep checking back!

Much love xx